Love is a Gentle Stranger

23760EB: Love Is a Gentle Stranger - eBook Love Is a Gentle Stranger – eBook
By June Masters Bacher / Harvest House Publishers

Title of Book: Love is a Gentle Stranger
Author: June Masters Bacher (1918-1993)
ISBN  978-0-7369-5153-1   (© 1983 George Bacher)
Publisher:  Harvest House
Publication Date: 2012
Cover Design: Bryce Williamson, Harvest House Publisher
Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein

In an adventurous saga of the American frontier, an independent young schoolteacher sets off on a dangerous quest to find a new beginning beyond the trail’s end.

Heartbroken and ashamed at being jilted, Chris Beth welcomes the perils of frontier life and intends to face every crisis as she has all others – alone. Then, thrown together with a small band of settlers in a place ravaged by uprisings, Chinook winds, and devastating floods, she learns to lean on God and others in good times and bad. Readers will laugh and cry with her as she discovers that never-failing love is a gentle stranger.

June Masters Bacher, who was born in 1918, and died 1993, was known as a prolific author.  Harvest House announced that she had sold well over a million copies of her beloved pioneer romances.  Bacher also wrote magazine articles, devotionals, a collection of poems, and cookbooks.

Love is a Gentle Stranger, by June Masters Bacher, was a perfect book to read over the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.  This was the first book I had read as a PDF copy on my computer.  It has an old fashioned style that was an appealing reminder of books I enjoyed in my single years.  Bacher’s characters are typical of pioneer towns;  a jilted young school teacher, a circuit riding preacher, farmers, an inn keeper, a doctor, an Irish man, and a Chinese family.  Having lived for a time in Oregon, I could picture the mist, the rain and the sudden storm and flood. Bacher’s characters left a lasting impression. I recommend Love is a Gentle Stranger by June Masters Bacher.  It’s a book that I’ll save on a thumb-drive so I can read it again someday, maybe when is raining.


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