Not in the Heart

348612: Not in the Heart Not in the Heart
By Chris Fabry / Tyndale House

Title of Book: Not in the Heart
Author: Chris Fabry
ISBN 978-1-4143-4861-2
Publisher:  Tyndale House
Publication Date: 2012
Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein

Truman Wiley used to report news stories from around the world, but now the most troubling headlines are his own.  He’s out of work, out of touch with his family, out of his home.  But nothing dogs him more than his son’s failing heart.

With mounting hospital bills and Truman’s penchant for gambling his savings, the situation seems hopeless until his estranged wife throws him a lifeline, the chance to write the story of a death row inmate, a man convicted of murder who wants to donate his heart to Truman’s son.

As the execution clock ticks down, Truman uncovers disturbing evidence that points to a different killer.  For his son to live, must an innocent man die?  Truman’s investigation draws him down a path that will change his life, his family, and the destinies of two men forever.

Chris Fabry, author of Not in the Heart, is both a writer and radio personality. He has written scripts for Adventures in Odyssey, Focus on the Family’s Radio Theater, and Kid’s Corner. Also, he has several books to his credit, including Spiritually Correct Bedtime Stories, Away With the Manger, At the Corner of Mundane and Grace, and the Red Rock Mystery, a series with Jerry B. Jenkins. In Radio, Fabry began by hosting Open Line, a national call-in show. In 2008, he hosted a program called Chris Fabry Live! He received the 2008, Talk Personality of the Year award from National Religious Broadcasters.  Since 2009, Fabry and his wife and children live near Tucson, Arizona.  You can find more information about Chris Fabry at

Tyndale House has a winner in Not in the Heart. Chris Fabry, author of Not in the Heart, pulled me in with the first sentence: “The trouble with my wife began when she needed Jesus and I needed a cat.”  What a perfect first line!  Right away, though, I decided that I didn’t like Truman Wiley.  The man had a gambling addiction; he had left his wife instead of helping her with their seriously ill son.  He’d completely disengaged from his family.  My decision began to change as I watched Wiley struggle.  I’ve seen others struggle with addictions.  I’ve seen their grief when they fail and their joy when they succeed. Fabry writes those feelings with clarity.  He’s also a master of suspense.  As he begins to write the story of a prisoner on death row, who has offered his heart for Truman Wiley’s son, who is dying with a heart condition.  After Truman’s daughter joins him in the investigation, they discover evidence that the man on death row may be innocent of the crime.  Truman Wiley struggles with the issue of allowing an innocent man to die in order that his child could live.  Fabry brought his story to a shocking, unexpected conclusion. I recommend Not in the Heart.


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