Loving Well

936768: Loving Well: Even If You Haven"t Been Loving Well: Even If You Haven’t Been
By William P. Smith / New Growth Press

Title of Book: Loving Well

Author: William P. Smith

ISBN -13: 978-1-936768-29-5

Publisher: New Growth Press

Publication Date: 2012

Reviewer:Dell Smith Klein


From back of book:

Distance. Resentment.  Avoidance.  You want to love your family, neighbors, and co-workers.  But all too often something goes wrong, and you find yourself tearing down the relationships you wanted to build.  Are you doomed to keep repeating the same relationship mistakes?  William P. Smith explains that destructive relationship patterns no longer need to control you.  Experiencing God’s love will change you, so you can trade your bad relationship habits for real love.


William P. Smith, M.Div., Ph.D., is the pastor and director of the community counseling center at a Baptist church.    Dr.Smith also responds to invitations to speak or lead weekend retreats.   He is the author of Caught Off Guard:Encounters with the Unexpected God, and Loving Well. He lives in Dresher, Pennsylvania with his wife and three children.


From time to time a book comes into our hands and we know we will read it again and again. Loving Well by Dr.William P. Smith is that type of book. The Introduction to the book is “Escaping an Empty Way of Life.”  From there, Dr. Smith divides Loving Well into three parts:

Part I: Love That Responds to a Broken World

Part II:  Love that Reaches Out to Build Other Up

Part III:  Love That Enjoys Heaven on Earth

Each part is made up of five chapters followed by questions that help the reader evaluate needs in his/her own life, and in the lives of others.

The author uses Scripture throughout as he talks about 15 characteristics of love such as: Comforting Love, Sympathetic Love, Struggling Love, Forgiving Love, and  Longsuffering Love, from Part I.

Throughout the book, there are little sidebars that highlight important information, like this quote from page138: “It’s not always the size of your service that communicates love, but simply noticing what needs to be done and stepping in to do it.”  Or this one from page 44:  “Our mutual calling is to live out our faith together, not simply provide solutions to one another.”

Thought provoking aren’t they?

I found the book challenging, convicting and encouraging.  Often, I read a book and pass it on to a friend or donate it to the public library in my town.  Not so with Loving Well.  Instead, Loving Well has found aplace on my book shelf to be pulled out, read and re-read.  I recommend Loving Well by Dr.William P. Smith.


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