Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot

Title of Book: Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot

Author: Stephen Bly with Janet Chester Bly, Russell Bly, Michael Bly, and Aaron Bly

Kindle eISBN  978-1-937573-62-1

Cover Design by Ken Raney

Publisher:  Greenbrier Book Company, New Bern,  NC

Publication Date: March,  2012

Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein


Writing in the tradition of western novels, Stephen Bly brings us many characters from his Stuart Brannon Novels series. Actually,  Stephen Bly wrote only about 7000 words of Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot before his death in 2011. Stephen Bly was born on August 17, 1944 and died on June 9, 2011.  Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot is the last book Stephen Bly outlined and was the book was written by his wife, Janet Chester  Bly, and the Bly sons, Russell, Michael, and Aaron.  Stephen Bly had six other books in THE STUART BRANNON NOVELS series: Hard Winter at Broken Arrow Crossing, False Claims at the Little Stephen Mine, Last Hanging at Paradise Meadow, Final Justice at Adobe Wells, Standoff at Sunrise Creek, and Son of an Arizona Legend.


Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot begins, “Early Monday morning, June 5, 1905, near Seaside, Oregon.”  That was the time that at twilight, twelve-year-old Hack Howard, slipped out of the orphan farm followed by a boy named Bueno to spend a bit of time at Hack’s Hideaway. That morning changed everything.


Stephen Bly often spoke at writer’s conferences.  Bly spoke at Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference  a couple of years ago and it was fun to watch a mesmerized crowd seated in front of him.  Stephen Bly’s books are full of action, palatable history, and a reverence for God.  Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot, though written by Janet Bly and her sons, has the same flavor as Stephen Bly’s books. In this book, we see several famous people showing up to play golf on behalf of the orphan farm.   Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot was interesting, fun to read, with a hint of nostalgia.  I recommend  Stuart Brannon’s Final Shot and I think I’ll be looking around for another book in this genre.


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