Hush, Little Baby

Title of Book: Hush, Little Baby

Author: Deborah M. Piccurelli

ISBN 13: 978-0-9838836-2-3

Publisher:  Sword of the Spirit Publishing

Publication Date: 2012

Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein


Investigative journalist, Amber Blake, is a little person bent on payback for the death of her average-sized twin sister.  Enlisted by her former partner and estranged husband, Evan, she poses as a counselor in an abortion clinic to expose the doctor responsible for fetal harvesting.  As a Christian, she struggles with concealing her beliefs to maintain her cover, while the doctor’s romantic overtures tumble her stomach.  Amber agrees to date him for the sake of the story…but nothing prepares her for what’s behind the mysterious door in his office.


Deborah M. Piccurelli, author of Hush, Little Baby, is very pro-life and tackles this issue in her novels.  Deborah lives in New Jersey with her husband and two children.  You can find out more about this author at


Oh yikes, this was a tough one!  Deborah M. Piccurelli handled a very difficult topic that leaves the reader breathless.  It was almost too much for this reviewer.  I’m glad that I persevered, however.  Deborah wrote a compelling story filled with quirky, sympathetic characters. I even found myself feeling sympathy for the doctor who ran the abortion clinic, though his actions always remained suspect.  Amber, the main character, had more plain guts than most of us could ever summon in dealing with this issue, going into the lion’s den day after day, hoping and praying to get information needed to shut down the clinic.  The romance was well crafted and I found myself wondering how Amber and her ex-husband Evan were going to work out their serious differences.  And for the first time, I realized just how difficult it is for little people to live in a world of average-sized people.  I recommend, Hush, Little Baby and look forward to reading Deborah M. Piccurelli’s next book.


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