Love Finds You in Mackinac Island

Title of Book: Love Finds You in Mackinac Island

Author: Melanie Dobson

ISBN  978-60936-640-7

Publisher:  Summerside Press

Publication Date: 2012

Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein



As the gilded age comes to a close, Elena Bissette’s one-wealthy family has nearly lost its fortune.  The Bissettes still own a home on fashionable Mackinac Island, where they will spend one last summer in the hope of introducing Elena to a wealthy suitor.  But Elena is repulsed by the idea of marrying for money.  Quickly tiring of the extravagant balls, she spends most evenings escaping back into Mackinac’s rugged forest.  There she meets Chase, a handsome laborer who shares her love for the night sky.  The two begin to meet in secret at an abandoned lighthouse, where they work together to solve a mystery buried in the pages of a tattered diary.


As Elena falls in love with Chase, her mother relentlessly contrives to introduce her to Chester Darrington, the island’s most eligible bachelor.  Marriage to the elusive millionaire would solve the Bissettes’ financial woes, and Elena is torn between duty and love.



Melanie Dobson, author of Love Finds You in Mackinac Island has written several “Love Finds You” books, including: Love finds you in Nazareth Pennsylvania, Love Finds you in Amana, Iowa, and Love finds you in Homestead, Iowa. Two of her books won Carol Awards in 2011.  Melanie grew up in the Midwest.  Today she lives in Oregon.  Her website carries more information about Melanie Dobson and her books:




Ah yes, Mackinac Island!  I visited there with my husband when we were newlyweds. Love, like the fragrance of horses and freshly made fudge, permeates the air on the island.  Melanie Dobson gave us a book that takes us back to an earlier day when the nation’s 2nd national park was a bustling island used by summer visitors with mansion-sized cottages tucked into its forests and near its pebbly beaches.  In a setting based on a crumbling economy and the social class structure of the 1800s, Dobson focuses on two people who prefer to marry for love rather than bow to social traditions, but find that love isn’t simple when parents and others expect something else.  If you like sweet romances, history and mystery, you’ll enjoy Love Finds You in Mackinac Islandby Melanie Dobson.


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