Site of the Week 3.18.2013

As writers, we find our inspiration in many areas of life. This week I would like to introduce Kristena Tunstall and her website. I’ll let Kristena share the inspiration behind her website and her writing. It’s a story which will touch many hearts.

The website is a dedication website in honor of my daughter. It is a way to remember a beautiful little angel who left for heaven at 8 ½ years old on July 16, 2008. My daughter was able to touch so many people’s lives. But the most amazing thing about it is she didn’t even know she was doing it. She had classic autism. So in all things on the site she is a constant reminder as I write. I am in the process of writing two books at the moment. One is nonfiction. It is taking Her Hospital Story, which I have posted on the site, and turning it into a full length book. The second book is fiction. It is about a woman who gets in a car accident with her husband and two daughters. When she wakes up she finds out she is the only survivor. The story will be about her grief journey and how God is taking care of us even if we don’t feel it or see it in that moment.

Kristena Tunstall


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