The House that Love Built


Brooke has only loved one man, her late husband.  Owen’s rebuilding after a painful divorce.  Can a mysterious house bring them together for a second chance at love?






Beth Wiseman, author of The House that Love Built is best known for her Amish fiction. Her Promise and Land of Canaan series’ have been bestsellers.  In 2012, she gave us her first non-Amish, contemporary Need You Now.  Today, Wiseman and her husband live in Texas, near the little town of Smithville, the setting of The House that Love Built.  You can find more about this author at, or or visit her at Fans of Beth Wiseman on Facebook.


Beth Wiseman brought the heart of marriage in her novel The House that Love Built.  Anyone who has lost a spouse through death or divorce will relate to some of the experiences that Brooke Halloway and Owen Saunders go through.  Wiseman’s characters are all well-developed – even the children sound so real, you might expect them to show up in your Sunday school class.

I found that the book was enjoyable to read, but it also brought tears from memories of “what-used-to-be.”  Because my husband is a builder, I always enjoy watching a novice begin to restore an old building.  Owen didn’t do too badly.  Brooke had to deal with her concern that she might be betraying her dead husband’s love by becoming involved with Owen.  And Owen had to deal with trust issues.  He wonders if he can ever trust a woman again.

There were enough twists and turns to keep the reader turning pages.  One character touched my heart.  I’d like to read more about the boy named Hunter Lewis.  Maybe he will show up in a future Beth Wiseman novel!

Yes, I recommend The House that Love Built. There was just enough romance, and no sultry love scenes and no sipping saints. Yay, Beth Wiseman.

Title of Book: The House that Love Built

Author: Beth Wiseman

ISBN 978-1595548894

Publisher: Thomas Nelson (

Publication Date: April 2, 2013

Reviewer: Dell Smith Klein


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