What’s Your Choice of Genre?

***Attention: Authors of Christian Fiction, Please scroll to the bottom of this page in order to view submittal requirements. Than you.

Jumping right into 2013, I have 2 new subjects for At Home with Christian Fiction. Last year we launched into sharing about the Christian family of today. You might not live on the same street as I do, but we’re all experiencing some challenging times. What does your challenge look like? How does your faith enter into it? This will be an opportunity to share and hopefully to encourage others who are experiencing challenges.

The second new subject will be more lighthearted.  Are you pulled like a magnet to Romance, Mystery/Suspense, Biblical, Contemporary, Historical, Amish/Bonnet books, Speculative … have I missed a few? Each month beginning in the Lover’s Month, I’ll introduce you to the authors who write in the selected genre and the new titles available. So be sure to check back frequently to view what’s on the plate.

Scheduled for February: Do you enjoy Romance? Be sure to contact me & express your writing or love for this genre.

This year we’ll be talking about the various genres, and the authors who write for that market. I recently returned to my keyboard and am working on a cozy mystery. The characters are pleasant company for a cold, wintry day.


February: Romance

March: Mystery/Suspense

April: Military

May: Contemporary

June: Historical

July: Amish/Bonnet Books

August: Speculative

September: Children’s

October: Young Adults

November: Biblical

December: Christmas

***Attention: Authors of Christian Fiction***

I’m glad for the opportunity to assist in promoting your writing & books. Thank you. Due to the potentially large response this subject might generate, I’ve had to create a strategy for us.

Please send me two paragraphs, each 5 to 7 sentences or 250 to 300 words. The first paragraph will be about yourself & your writing background; the second paragraph about the books you have available.

I would like to post an image of your most recently published book. Thank you.

Please email me at: athomewithchristianfiction2013[at]gmail[dot]com/


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