Susan Page Davis

The Frasier Island Series, by Susan Page Davis, consists of three books of romantic suspense featuring US Navy personnel. They must rely on God and their wits in dangerous situations. In Book 1, Frasier Island, Rachel Whitney gets her dream assignment, serving on a tiny post in the north Pacific under the legendary Lt. George Hudson. But after she arrives, she learns that all is not what it appears on Frasier Island, and their purpose for being there is not what she was told. In Book 2, Finding Marie, a naval officer’s wife returning to the US witnesses a murder in the San Francisco airport. She runs for her life, and her husband, Lt. Pierre Belanger, and his best friend, Lt. Commander George Hudson, try to find and help her. In Book 3, Inside Story, journalist Claudia Gillette (Marie Belanger’s sister) drops in on a sensitive Navy exercise in the Philippines, hoping to interview a female ensign in Lt. Bill White’s outfit. Her arrival endangers the mission and all of the sailors involved. Susan has also published a short romance featuring US Coast Guard officers. In Always Ready, Caddie Lyle has a trying assignment in Alaska, and must deal with her commitment to her father’s legacy.


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